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Heavy Duty Progressive Cavity Pumps

Heavy Duty Progressive Cavity Pumps
Heavy Duty Progressive Cavity Pumps
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Product Code : H-17
Product Description
Capacity - upto 170M3/hr
Pressure - upto 48 bar
Temperature - 200oC
Viscosity - 1,00,00,000CST

Bakery, Confectionery, Construction, Chemical, Dairy, Edible oil, Fruit-Processing, Malt and Cocoa, Mining, Meat Processing, Paper and Pulp, Paint and Varnish, Petrochemicals and Refineries, Printing Inks, Pharmaceutical, Pickles, Sewage, Sugar, Soap and Detergents, Starch, Winery and for materials usually regarded as un-pumpable, Non Newtonian.

Field of application:

Aluminium/Magnesium Hydroxide Paste, Butter, Cake-mix, Chocolate mix, Clay Slurry, Formic acid slurry, Fruit or Vegetable mash, Ghee, Grease, Green asbestos slurry, Grout mix, High Consistensy paper pulp,½ Lecithin, Lilthophone paste, Malt mix, Minced Meat, Mashed grapes, oil paste, Paint Pre-mix, Pickle Mix, Pigmented Varnish, Putty, Starch Slurry, Thick Coal Slurry, Undiluted Sludge Yoghurt etc.


  • Open hopper type inlet with auger fitted at the bottom to ensure pumping of difficult-to-flow-media into the pumping element.
  • Torsion-free metal-bonded stator for increased stator life, particularly for highly viscous and fibrous material.
  • High pressure building capability allows the transfer of viscous/pasty/fibrous matter to longer distances and higher heads.
  • Low internal velocity of the fluid minimises wear and tear due to erosion.
  • Easy and quick maintenance, which does not require any special tools.
  • Pulsation, turbulence or aeration free metered flow proportional to the speed.
  • Specially suited for non-Newtonian media, slurries and fibrous matter with low moisture content without changing the product mix or dewatering.