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Commercial Progressive Cavity Pumps

Commercial Progressive Cavity Pumps
Commercial Progressive Cavity Pumps
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Product Code : H-14
Product Description
Capacity - upto 200M3/hr
Pressure - upto 48 bar
Temperature - 200oC
Viscosity - 10,00,000CST

Brewery and Distillery, Ceramics and Refractories, Chemical and Process, Construction, Cosmetics and Toiletries, Edible Oil, Effluent and Sewage Treatment, Electronics, Engineering, Fertilizer, Marine, Mining Man-made Fibre, Oil Exploration, Paint and Varnish, Paper, Pulp and Cellulose, Petrochemical and Refinery, Printing Ink, Soap and Detergent, Sugar etc.

Field of application:
Acidic and Alkaline Slurry, Alum, Bentonite Slurry, Black liquor, Casein Slurry, Ceramic Slurry, Clay Slurry, Coating Mix, Detergent Slurry, Electroplating solution, Emulsions, Ferrite Slurry, Fuel oil sludge, Glue, Grout mix, Lube oil, Molasses, Paint, Paper Pulp, Printing ink, Resins, Sewage sludge, Soap Stock, Sodium Silicate, Sulphited Sugar juice, Varnish, Vegetable oil, Gum sludge, Viscose, Yeast, Petroleum Jelly etc.

  • Torsion free metal-bonded stator for increased stator life, higher efficiency and per stage pressure.
  • Double-seated universal joints for smoother power transmission nad longer service life of critical components.
  • Works on the unique Progressive Cavity Principle.
  • Inherently non-clogging and capable of handing a high percentage of solids.
  • Positive displacement, inherently self-priming and capable of handing entrapped gases.
  • Low internal velocity of fluid within the pump ensures low shear and minimises wear due to erosion. Low NPSH requirement results in a higher suction lift upto 8.4 meters of water column.
  • Continuous pulsation-free flow with minimum turbulence.
  • Flow rate proportional to the pump speed.
  • Capable of developing high pressure upto 48 bar - even at a low pump speed. Handles any liquid from water to abrasive slurry and froth to highly viscous media.